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Six Reasons to Get a Whole House Water Filter System 

Clean Water From a Faucet A whole house water filter is just what the name implies. It is an installed filtration system that filters all the water that enters your house. This type of filter is commonly referred to as a Point Of Entry (POE) system because filters both cold and warm water before it reaches your water heater.

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Stinky Disposal? Try These DIY Solutions

Woman Plunging Kitchen Sink Due to Disposal Problems Nothing is worse than the potent odor of rotting food in your kitchen. A smelly garbage disposal is a surefire way to lose your appetite and drive out dinner guests.

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Save Water and Money with These Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tools Many homeowners assume that if their plumbing system is dependable, then it is also efficient. However, that is not always the case. Maximum efficiency means conserving as much water and energy as possible while still operating effectively. This also equates to lower utility bills each month.

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What to Look For In A Commercial Plumber

Staff at Seagraves Plumbing Regardless of where they occur, plumbing problems of any kind can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, when plumbing issues develop in your business, they can impact your profits as well as your stress level. Whether you own a retail center or a restaurant, when the toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures show signs of failure, it can be a negative reflection on your business and even force you to temporarily shut your doors.

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Clogged Toilet? Know the Right Way to Plunge

Interior of Home BathroomYour parents probably taught you how to brush your teeth or fold your clothes, but many of us were not given proper instructions about using a toilet plunger. While most homeowners have a plunger on hand, not everyone is using it correctly. Clogged toilets are never fun to deal with, whether it is your own mishap or someone else’s.

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Listen To What Your Plumbing is Trying to Tell You

Plumber at Work

Though not with actual words, your plumbing system can talk. In fact, it is common for customers to call with complaints that their pipes, faucets or other plumbing components are making unusual sounds or strange noises.

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