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Is a Low-Flow Toilet Right for You?

Smyrna GA Toilet Repair PlumbersWhen choosing plumbing fixtures for your home, there are several options that are designed to conserve water, or be more “energy efficient.” For most, this also equates to a notable savings on your monthly water bill. When it comes to toilets, the low-flow toilet tops the list as the best way to preserve water and still get the job done.

Low-flow toilets only use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

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Are You Taking Care of Your Water Heater?

Smyrna GA Plumbing Company for Tankless Water HeatersWhen you turn the hot water knob on your shower, bath or sink, you expect to get what you asked for. It’s easy to take hot water for granted – until there’s a problem. Your hot water heater is a key component of your plumbing system. It readily delivers ideal water temperature for your showers, dishwashing needs and other tasks throughout the day.

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