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What to Look For In A Commercial Plumber

Regardless of where they occur, plumbing problems of any kind can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, when plumbing issues develop in your business, they can impact your profits as well as your stress level. Whether you own a retail center or a restaurant, when the toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures show signs of failure, it can be a negative reflection on your business and even force you to temporarily shut your doors.

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Clogged Toilet? Know the Right Way to Plunge

Interior of Home BathroomYour parents probably taught you how to brush your teeth or fold your clothes, but many of us were not given proper instructions about using a toilet plunger. While most homeowners have a plunger on hand, not everyone is using it correctly. Clogged toilets are never fun to deal with, whether it is your own mishap or someone else’s.

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Listen To What Your Plumbing is Trying to Tell You

Plumber at Work

Though not with actual words, your plumbing system can talk. In fact, it is common for customers to call with complaints that their pipes, faucets or other plumbing components are making unusual sounds or strange noises.

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Switching From Septic to Sewer: What You Should Know

Many homeowners that are on a septic system simply don’t have the option of using a sewer line, typically because they live in a remote area that is too far from a municipal sewer plant. However, there are some that do have the luxury of deciding which plumbing system to use.

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Reasons to Consider a Whole House Water Filter

Droplet of WaterYou may be familiar with using a water filter on your refrigerator or kitchen sink to get cleaner and better tasting drinking water.

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Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

Plumber Carrying Tote Bag of Tools

Repairing a leaky faucet is critical, but first you must determine the root cause of why water is escaping from the fixture despite your efforts to turn the faucet off.  Here are a few hints to help you diagnose the reason behind the drip:

Worn Out or Damaged Seal

All faucets have a special cartridge or

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