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Listen To What Your Plumbing is Trying to Tell You

Plumber at Work

Though not with actual words, your plumbing system can talk. In fact, it is common for customers to call with complaints that their pipes, faucets or other plumbing components are making unusual sounds or strange noises.

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Switching From Septic to Sewer: What You Should Know

Many homeowners that are on a septic system simply don’t have the option of using a sewer line, typically because they live in a remote area that is too far from a municipal sewer plant. However, there are some that do have the luxury of deciding which plumbing system to use.

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Reasons to Consider a Whole House Water Filter

Droplet of WaterYou may be familiar with using a water filter on your refrigerator or kitchen sink to get cleaner and better tasting drinking water.

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Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

Plumber Carrying Tote Bag of Tools

Repairing a leaky faucet is critical, but first you must determine the root cause of why water is escaping from the fixture despite your efforts to turn the faucet off.  Here are a few hints to help you diagnose the reason behind the drip:

Worn Out or Damaged Seal

All faucets have a special cartridge or

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Is Your Plumbing Back-to-School Ready?

Man Checking a Bathroom FaucetIf it hasn’t begun already, your household will go from relaxed, unhurried mornings to a rushed, back-to-school routine. This can be a big adjustment, especially for large families. But along with setting those alarm clocks for an earlier hour, don’t forget to take some precautions with your plumbing system before the rushed mornings begin.

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Don’t Use Your Garbage Disposal for These 5 Items

Since its invention in 1927, homeowners have enjoyed the valued convenience of having a garbage disposal at their kitchen sink. Instead of accumulating multiple bags of smelly trash, people can use this handy appliance to send leftovers and food debris down the drain within seconds. However, just like other appliances in your kitchen, your garbage disposal needs proper care.

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