Atlanta Clogged Toilet Repair

Do you need an Atlanta clogged toilet repair? If your toilet is not draining properly or is overflowing, please contact our licensed plumbing experts today. Our professional plumbers will be able to quickly resolve your toilet drain problems.

There are three main causes of clogged toilets:

Localized Toilet Bowl Clogs - This type of clog typically occurs when an object becomes caught in the bowl of the toilet. The best way to determine if you have a localized toilet clog is to determine whether or not other toilets or drains in the home are working properly. If all other plumbing devices are draining properly, you are most likely dealing with a localized clog. Usually a localized clog can be repaired with a simple plunger or possibly a store bought snake device.

Vent Stack Clogs - When you are facing a vent stack clog, there is typically a blockage that is occurring within the vent. This type of blockage can impact the flow from all drains within the home. A vent stack clog is created when the blockage becomes so thick that the vent can no longer allow air into your system and your system can no longer generate enough vacuum to allow each drain to flow freely.

Main Sewer Line Clog - If you are facing a clogged drain in the main sewer, it is critical that you contact our licensed plumbers today. A sewer main line clog typically occurs when a localized drain sets up in the main drain; however, there are instances when roots or other objects can encroach into the main sewer line and create a blockage.

Toilet Installation Service

For Buckhead toilet repair service, call the expert plumbers serving all of metro Atlanta. Our plumbers have the expertise to handle all of your toilet clogs. We know how to repair a drainage problem that will not impact the integrity of your plumbing. Many homeowners end up creating larger plumbing problems when they try to repair the clogs themselves.

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