Reasons to Consider a Whole House Water Filter

Droplet of WaterYou may be familiar with using a water filter on your refrigerator or kitchen sink to get cleaner and better tasting drinking water. But did you know that there is another water filter option that can provide an even safer environment for your family? A whole house water filter, just as the name implies, addresses all of the water in your home in order to filter cleaner and healthier water for drinking as well as bathing, cooking and more.

How Does a Whole House Water Filter Work?

A whole house water filter is typically installed where the main water line enters your home. This allows all of your faucets, fixtures and appliances throughout the house to be operated with filtered water. This includes your hot water heater! There are a variety of whole house water filters to choose from, ranging from those that use a carbon filter media to systems that rely on advanced filter technology.

Why Filter the Whole House?

Water isn’t just used for drinking in your house. Water is used to take a shower, operate your dishwasher, clean your laundry and other important tasks. When water is not filtered or purified, it may contain harmful chemicals and contaminants. While you may not be concerned about the water in your home that you don’t drink, you should know that those chemicals can go airborne from your toilets, appliances and showers. In fact, a hot shower often releases 50-80% of the chemicals in your water into a steamy vapor. What happens to that vapor? We breathe it. Studies show that when you inhale airborne chemicals from water, it can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous than drinking unfiltered water!

In addition to improving air quality in your home, a whole house water filter also can reduce the risk for skin rashes and other irritations caused by chlorinated water. Remember, you bathe your kids in water as well as washing your clothes water. When that water contains chemicals, it is known as dermal absorption, and it deserves just as much concern as inhalation.

To put it simply, a whole house water filter is the only way to ensure pure water from every source in your entire house. Contact Plumbing to learn more about our expertise in water filter installation and how a whole house system can be a valued investment towards your family’s health.

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