Atlanta Water Filter Installation

If you have experienced bad tasting and smelling water at home lately, call the Atlanta water filter installation experts at our Plumbing company. This is a common tap water issue in many households in Atlanta and throughout the country. This is due to water contamination such as mercury, copper and lead, including disease-causing parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Needless to say, these contaminates are very harmful.

Although great advancements have been made to our water treatment facilities, these facilities have failed to provide our communities with clean and chemical-free water. The good news is that advancements in whole house water filters give us the opportunity to take water treatment into our own hands.

Water Filter Plumbers 

Our plumbing services experts understand the importance of having access to clean water. Our plumbers know how to deliver clean filtered water to your home so you can feel safe when using our water.

It takes a professional plumbing service to effectively treat contaminants found in tap water. Our plumbers provide families in the Atlanta area with clean water for drinking, water for food preparation and bathing.

We install water filters for refrigerators, under sinks and even whole house water filters. A new water filter will ensure that you and your family have access to a steady supply of safe, filtered and decontaminated water.

When you choose us for installing your water filters, we guarantee that our workers will provide you with friendly service within a fast turnaround. So, whether you need a whole house water filter, a filter for your refrigerator or under your sink, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Contact Our Water Filter Experts!

Contact our water filter experts for clean, great tasting water.  Atlanta area residents and businesses trust us to install water filters to ensure that their water is clean and healthy for general day-to-day use. For further details about our kitchen repair services, call or contact our Water Filter Installation Company today for an estimate and free consultation.


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Ashton Greene

Great job - again. Second time using Plumbing. Matt and Fernando came on time, did great work, and the pricing was very fair. They were funny, professional, prompt and thorough. Would highly recommend these guys for any plumbing needs.

Stephanie Malhotra

These guys are great. Very responsive and cost is reasonable. Plumbers and electricians always make me nervous - you never know what you are going to get! But I'm so happy we've finally found a plumber we trust!

Andrew Hodges

These guys are awesome. Scheduled an appointment to have a plumbing situation inspected for a house being bought. They were on time, communicate well and gave great guidance! Do recommend!

George C.

Michael Plumbing and his crew are the real deal. They quote quickly and accurately, and in return for your money spent with them, you get a pro job. The added bonus is that they are skilled and dedicated plumbers, not just a bunch of fellas that happen to be doing plumbing work to make $$ this week. We've used plumbing for multiple plumbing jobs at an office park, and also for residential issues.

Scott Rawlins

I had a pipe burst in my home with water spewing everywhere. Plumbing came out right away and took care of the problem quickly. Probably saved me tons of money in home improvement repairs. Service was great, price was awesome. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for your help.

Karrie Johnson

We have used Plumbing several times and we have always been very satisfied with their service. We had a Rheem 50 gallon gas water heater installed several months ago and most recently a new toilet in our guest bath. Each time they arrive as scheduled, are very courteous and everything is done very professionally and in a timely fashion.

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